Mechanical Engineering Expert

What is Mechanical Engineering?
"The branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines"

Meet John R. Yannaccone, PE
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

John R. Yannaccone, PE graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a focus on mechanical defects, failure analysis and general system safety, and over 25 years of experience, John’s expertise extends to the investigation and analysis of child safety seats, seatbelts, seatbacks, restraint systems, industrial equipment, household appliances, forklifts, ladders, scaffolds, machine guards, wheelchair lifts & occupant restraints, patient lifts, and consumer products.

Additionally, John is a certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and teaches classes on child passenger safety. A registered professional engineer in several states, John is also a member of numerous professional societies including National Academy of Forensic Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, among others. John is a nationally certified firefighter and emergency first responder, and has training and experience regarding the operation of emergency vehicles.

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Mechanical Engineer Expert

Areas of Expertise


Airbag Expert Witness

Airbag Expert

The mechanical engineer evaluates the design and deployment of airbag systems relative to the crash, and the protection provided to the occupant.

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Ambulance Expert Witness

Ambulance Transport Expert

When investigating a collision involving an ambulance the mechanical engineer will investigate issues regarding the unique occupant environment, transport of a previously injured occupant, and the impact of other occupants working while the vehicle is in motion.

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Child Seat Expert Witness

Child Seat Expert

When a child occupant is injured in a crash, the mechanical engineer will analyze the physical evidence, determine how the child seat was being used, evaluate the design of the child seat, as well as the factors contributing to the injuries.

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Consumer Products Expert Witness

Consumer Products Expert

The Mechanical engineer provides expertise in evaluating potential product cases including potential failures, warnings and design claims.

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Equipment Expert Witness

Equipment Expert

The mechanical engineer evaluates the incident, as well as the piece of equipment, to determine, analyze and render a professional opinion as to what occurred and the contributing factors.

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Seatbelt Expert Witness

Seatbelt Expert

The mechanical engineer will inspect, analyze and render an expert opinion regarding seatbelt design, performance and use, as well as identify factors when contributed to the occupant’s injuries.

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Wheelchair Transport Expert Witness

Wheelchair Transport Expert

Special equipment is needed to maneuver a wheelchair bound occupant into a vehicle, as well as safely secure the occupant and the wheelchair. When a mishap is alleged to have occurred, the mechanical engineer will evaluate the contributing factors to the incident.

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